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California’s Most Historic Resort


The original Hotel Del Monte was opened in 1880 and built by railroad pioneer Charles Crocker. The first two Hotels were destroyed by fire. The third hotel was built in 1926.  The Hotel was also damaged in the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake and killed a newlywed couple while on their honeymoon at the hotel.  There is talk that this couple haunts the hotel.  I was hoping for a sighting of the bride in her purple nightgown.  I heard unexplained noises coming from behind a locked door in our room in the early morning hours.  I discovered that it led to a storage room for housekeeping.   Sadly, our weekend at the hotel was uneventful.   The history of the hotel was most exciting.

The Hotel Del Monte is now the Naval Postgraduate School of the United States Navy.  Known as Herrmann Hall.

We were given the opportunity to stay at the hotel because of Pete and Ashley.

Ashley took me on a tour and explained so much history and showed me amazing details of the historic hotel.

Our son-in-law is Major Peter East in the Army National Guard.  He is stationed at the Naval Postgraduate School while working on his Master’s Degree.  Mark’s Ashley was a Captain in the Marine Corps, but now a mom of two little boys and working on her Master’s Degree at SCAD.  We are so pleased with their accomplishments and impressed with their desire to continue their education, serve our country and raise a loving family.

We were also fortunate to attend International Day on the campus and we had the baby shower for Ashley and Pete at the historic cottage of the Chef of the Hotel Del Monte.

We are so grateful we had this opportunity.

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